How to Bounce Back After a Failed IVF Cycle

Dr.Rashmi Prasad
4 min readNov 13, 2021
How to Bounce Back After a Failed IVF Cycle

When you discover hope but lose it in a short period, it will become difficult for any woman to stay strong. The choice to undergo treatment of IVF with dreams and hopes for starting a new family requires financial balance and emotional energy. IVF treatment is the last hope that a couple will restore for conceiving a child and failed IVF cycle is disappointing for any woman.

So how to bounce back when the IVF cycle fails? Each individual has their ways to deal with loss or disappointment. Some women find the reason for failure, while others focus on the solutions.

Approaches How to Cope with Failed IVF Cycle

1. Don’t Blame Yourself: The woman can’t blame herself for the failure of IVF because she always gives her best effort to make it successful. You are required to think twice did I do the best, and the answer will be yes. It would help if you felt that embryo transfer is the last option you have taken part in and the doctor put their best effort into selecting the healthiest embryo. It is the best approach to manage the guilty feeling inside you after the failure of the IVF cycle.

2. Cognitive approach it: is crucial to remember that the success of IVF treatment depends on multiple factors like both internal and external. It includes couple age, quality of physical health of couples, quality of eggs and sperms, and even outer environmental pollutants. Therefore it is also crucial to keep in mind this factor after failure.

However, that couple who are curious about the reason behind failure can consult with a gynecologist, and it is the only option that helps you remove misconceptions. Such follow–up session is the increased success rate for the subsequent IVF cycles.

3. Become a Member Of Support Group: For reducing guilt or disappointment, join a support group. There are various groups on social media for pregnancy-related complications. IVF is also one of them. You feel motivated when you discover that women conceived after many failures from IVF. They share their own experiences and come up with positive thoughts that boost your confidence. No one will pity you but empathize with you, and that is required at that time.

4. Consider Preparing Plan: Always provide a choice to yourself whether you want to go for another IVF cycle or not. It would help if you prepared a plan this time to continue this cycle. You can also consult with another doctor if you don’t want to go for the previous one. Don’t panic, and just with a relaxed mind, prepare a plan and sort things because a good plan will help you beat infertility.

5. Improve Physical Health: Leading a healthy lifestyle after failing one becomes essential. The body requires being healthy, such as taking proper supplements, reducing stress, eating healthy, taking adequate rest, exercising in moderation, and many other things. Additionally, if you need the excellent result of IVF treatment, then a complete ban on smoking, alcohol, and drug habit is required. A study shows that excessive caffeine intake also hurts pregnancy.

6. Consult With Doctor: It can be possible that failed IVF can be due to a problem at your end or clinic and for no reason. If you feel that you need to change doctor, then you can deal by changing. Many things failing the IVF cycle can teach you. Consult with the IVF Specialist Doctor in Patna and ask her to find the reason behind the failure. When you discover the actual problem and where to work on it, you are already half successful. When you consult with a doctor, she gains confidence and trust.

7. Better Heal Yourself: You need to find ways to get away from the depression of failed IVF cycle, just heal yourself and hope for the best. Yes, it may be difficult for you to forget, but you must find yourself to get out of it. It takes time, maybe weeks or months for to go back to everyday life but consider taking it as a choice because you are the only one who can heal yourself slowly and effectively.

Final Thought

An element this is most crucial, along with those mentioned above, is consulting the right expert. With a high achievement rate, many IVF centers are one such center in which numbers are backed with loads of in-house treatments offered below one single roof. A look through the testimonials is proof of how each hopeful couple is cared for not most effective by the professionals on the center. However, additionally through the amiable staff and abide by the motto of creating the experience patient-friendly and much less stressful. The expectations of the couple are honestly understood in Infertility Center and doctors would look ahead to being your partner in supporting you realize your dream. If you’re searching for treatment for your infertility, it is essential to solving the infertility problem with the Fertility Center in Bihar has the highest success rates.



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